IPDK Community


For real-time discussions, join us on Slack.

Mailing List

The mailing list will be set up at the same time as Gerrit and will be used for announcements of meetings, conferences, and information around related projects.


IPDK is in the process of formalizing a governance structure, discussed during the Open Programmable Infrastructure Event.

Community Meetings

IPDK Community meetings are open to everyone and all are encouraged to participate. The primary purpose is to cover topics where verbal communication is more efficient than email or Slack. The meetings are hosted using Teams.

Meeting plans and agendas will be posted on Slack and through the mailing list.

Become a Contributor

IPDK will leverage the same flow as SPDK in terms of development using Gerrit.

For more information on how SPDK development works click here.

IPDK will have its own set of core maintainers and will use the same patch approval mechanism as SPDK.